I am seriously dysfunctional when it comes to decorating, and dressing for that matter. If it isn't put together for me on the manequin, I don't know what to do. Now I have a beautiful new house, and I know it is not living up to its' potential. Help!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Fabric Waiting for Mimi!!!

Stay Tuned!!!!!

I am so PROUD OF MYSELF!!!!!

Check these out!!!!!! I was inspired by some of the no-sew tutorials on Pinterest (where else?) this week, and with my husband away for five long single-parenting nights, I needed a little thing to "accomplish". I had hoped for this Ralph Lauren fabric that I saw at ufab months ago that would have complimented the green and navy perfectly, but unfortunately someone snabbed the whole roll! So I then was desperate to find some piece of fabric to work with, and found this fabric at Williams & Sherrill, which really is fabric crack headquarters. I saw so many ideas for the dining room too, but couldn't be late for preschool pick-up. Poor Rhys was DONE with fabric stores yesterday, but I think he agrees that the finished product was worth it! It really was quite easy and has gotten me thinking of other styles I could accomplish without learning to sew. I like how these almost look like cornices with the wraparound bar (thanks to the previous owners of the house) and the stiff material.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Should I Add a Ribbon?

2 ribbons off to the side
2 ribbons centered
4 ribbons
So here is my kitchen valence that my mother lovingly made me. I had seen a pic on pinterest (of course) of a valence with a ribbon or two for some jazz and wondered if that would make the valence not look as formal? (although that was the look I was going for in the first place). So I added one and didn't love it, probably because it is so big. So I added a few more. What do you think? 2 ribbons? 4 ribbons? No ribbons?

A Few Craft Projects

The semi finished products.....need to add some ribbon and a shell? maybe to the striped one
Finished product!
The one season tins I started with
Here are some pics of a few of the projects I attempted this week while my husband has been away. Most of them turned out okay-not exactly store quality, but worth the minimal expense. I wish I could follow the directions for "thin, even coats" while painting. Then they would look a lot better. I really like the dog food container though. This should stop Rhys from reaching into the bag and feeding himself. The self-sticking little ribbon with the paws on it did the final touch!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Next Project......our Bedroom

So, our bedroom duvet (that was old that I haven't used in years) and our wall color are the pale blue that you see in these fabrics. So lots of monotone at the moment. I had been using a navy patterned quilt in there, but it is getting beat up and I need a change. So, I am hoping to make two panels with the floral fabric pictured above for the windows on either side of our bed. Then to make some shams in the floral fabric as well. Might use the fabric below to use on the bolster or just trim the shams. I originally was going to use pink as my accent color and pull in a geographic print for some throws and lampshades, but Russ and I compromised on yellow. I got a plain yellow fabric at ufab, but need to pull in a print of some kind too. What do you think?

Next Big Furniture Project????

Close Up of the Wine Slots
Close Up of the Bottom
Close Up of the Detailing on the Top-I love that part!
The hutch
So, my Nana moved to Virginia!!! and I inherited her hutch from her dining room. I remember it from my childhood and it is in great shape. It will provide some nice storage and allow me to display my china that has only been used three times, since it is stored really out of the way currently. I like it as is, but I am wondering if I should paint it or add some wallpaper to the back or do something to jazz it up and add some color to my dining room? I am hoping to paint the walls gray and then either do light pink or light yellow curtains.....The furniture in there is very traditional and I am going to try and add a more contemporary twist.......If anyone happens to look at this, what are your thoughts????

Updates on the Family Room and Kitchen

Pottery Barn slipcover and new pillows
Mantel and bookshelves looking a bit better-note the coral throw that I scored on overstock. com this fall
Crewel (sp) lampshade from Home Goods
Kitchen valence and cute preschool tush
Couch's new look
The main area of the house is definitely coming together. The white bookshelves and cabinets made a HUGE difference! That along with some ufab curtains and throw pillows courtesy of my mom, and I am loving it.