I am seriously dysfunctional when it comes to decorating, and dressing for that matter. If it isn't put together for me on the manequin, I don't know what to do. Now I have a beautiful new house, and I know it is not living up to its' potential. Help!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Before and After......My Dad puts in pendants!


While our over-the-island fixture wasn't hideous or trap bugs (like our previous house's fixture did quite well), we still wanted to do a little update. We found some cheap Hampton Bay antique bronze mini pendants at Home Depot that we liked, and that went well with the light that we semi-like over our kitchen table, and my dad was nice enough to come over one afternoon and put them in while babysitting my two boys so my mom and I could hit up some fabric stores. Is he great, or what? I like how they hang down low (thankfully, since the height on them is nonadjustable)....it lends a nice soft, romantic lighting to the room. Unlike my husband, I HATE bright lights, especially overhead bright lights, and since I am the one who spends most of my time standing in the kitchen, I got to pick:)

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